Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reading Reading Reading

The older children have been doing a lot of reading lately. 

Viva is reading the 37 Trixie Belden books that we own. They were Kara's 20 years ago. (Can it really be that long ago?) 

Bentley was reading the Spirit Animal series and is now waiting for library to get in the newest one. Bentley is currently reading The Children of the Red King series (main character Charlie Bone.)

Jake is reading the Beast Quest series. There are over 100 in the series, but fortunately the books aren't too long and the library has many of them. (#13 is missing so B quit reading the series at that point!?) Jake was also recently reading the Berenstain Bears Cub Scout books. 

I love summer because we are less structured so the children have even more time to play and read--two fantastic childhood activities.

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