Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rock Fever

Rocks are once again a popular item with the children. The fever started on a Sunday walk. Bentley was throwing rocks and one cracked open revealing a new face of sparkling black and white. B was captivated!

When he got home he wanted to find more sparkly rocks and crack them open. Our 300 foot driveway has three feet of rocks on each side of it. Bentley spent a few hours scouring the beds for interesting rocks. The larger ones he cracked open to see if they were more sparkly inside than out. Opa showed him how to crack rocks open using a larger rock. (Opa forbid using his hammer for this task.) 

Jake joined Bentley in his rock hunt and found a few good rocks. He found a rock with three rings around (a three wish rock!), but he threw it back in the rock pile. Jake told me it was just too hard trying to decide which rocks to keep so he put them all back. Decision making can be very difficult!

Viva was out crushing rocks with Bentley for a while, too. I don't know where her rock treasures ended up. She and Jake are making a nature house, so maybe she put them aside for that purpose. Lincoln asked why he couldn't crush rocks with the older children. My objection to him joining the fun was that this activity is unsupervised, so I'm not sure how dangerous it is. Although, I'm happy to report they children were wearing safety goggles!

In the last two weeks B's collection has grown quite large. I gave him a shoe box to store them in, but if the collection grows much larger, I'm assigning him an outdoor treasure location.

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