Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Drone Master

In early May Opa ordered new drones for himself and all the grandchildren. These drones are easier for small children (Lincoln & Evan) to operate--they even came with a small Lego-like character to ride on them. When they arrived everyone gave their new drones a try, but the only one who continues to regularly fly the new drone is Lincoln. He has mastered flying it and can do loop-de-loops!  Evan for some unknown reason usually refuses to fly his drone.

The only down side to drone flying is that a battery only lasts for a few minutes before it has to be recharged. If the kids fly drones at the same time (so they can battle), then everyone needs to recharge at the same time and we don't have enough docks for that so only some of the drones get recharged. The next time they all want to fly together only half the drones are recharged and ready to fly.

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