Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Tipping Point Bday.... :)

The majority of the children are now into the double digits.  Triple yikes!

We had a fun birthday day.  Geneveive was at dance camp for the first part of the day.  Matt took the day off of work and got in a fun (LONG! 17 miles?!) bike ride with Jake while she was out.  In the afternoon we were able to hang out all together, and then in the evening we had the cakes (triple layer purple checkerboard velvet!) and chocolate-chocolate-chocolate.  I think there was enough sugar for all.  We had Grandma Karen, Grandma Vicki, and Marjory all join us for pizza and cake to celebrate our favorite new 10 year olds.

Happy #10, Jake and Viva!

Off to dance camp.  With a crown.... 



It was silver, and Genevieve helped decorate it.  Silver and black are her current favorite colors.

Game time!

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