Monday, June 12, 2017

Three Barons Fair 2017

This past weekend Evan, Lincoln, Viva, Jake, and I attended the Three Barons Fair (our local Renaissance fair). Matt was out of town on business, so he couldn't join us and Bentley's foot injury prevented him from coming (more on that in a different post).

We arrived just before 1PM and didn't leave for almost six hours. We didn't do it all! Because we go every year, the kids now have favorite events they want to see and favorite foods they want to eat. We arrived just as the Red Baron's Court was putting on a play (farce) titled "Heroine Prevails." The seats were all taken, but my little buddies snuck up in front of taller people and got a fairly good view of the event.

When the play ended, a lady from the Green Baron's Court invited us to go over to her court to see another play and the kids all voted yes. We saw "The Tale of the Frog Prince." During the play Evan and Lincoln spotted some little boys with swords, so after the play we asked where we could buy such fine swords. We enjoyed shaved ice cones (quite good ones!).

Then it was time for the Game of Steel: a chess game played with live actors for the chess pieces. The two pieces/players have a duel to determine who wins. It's quite amusing. The kids always enjoy it a lot. After the Game of Steel we ate French fries, an elephant ear, and popcorn.

We were late to the must see rotten tomato show where the audience throws tomatoes at the actors. Viva purchased a couple, one for her and one for Lincoln. The kids once again snuck up closer than I could because of their shorter stature, so I didn't get a chance to take a photo of them throwing the tomatoes. Lincoln missed the stage, but managed to annoy a girl in the audience because the tomato dripped as it sailed over her head. That's the perils of sitting up front in this show! Viva scored a hit on one of the actors.

Even though this was the fourth show that we watched, all four of kids still intently watched every minute of the show. (Which I find odd given they can't possibly have gotten all the jokes and some of the actors didn't project their voices very well!) 

We went to the Living History Village which is group of 30 or so people who dress up in medieval garb and have small booths where they demonstrate skills of that era like blacksmithing, cooking over a fire, herb lore, weaving, spinning, dying, candle making, etc. 

Viva really enjoyed talking to the folks in the village. Jake liked it somewhat and Lincoln and Evan spent their time in the village engaged in sword fights with each other--which is an excellent medieval skill to hone! The kids all asked to be put in the stocks, although Jake held back at first and only later joined in the "fun."

Viva had planned to go questing and earn ribbons at each of the barons' courts, but the lines were long and we were too busy to wait around. We did very little shopping. On the way out of the fair Viva purchased some rocks at our favorite rock booth. Jake lamented when we got home that he didn't get corn fritters--better to lament while there. 

The last show we attended was at the Blue Baron's court. When we were walking by an event was just starting and there were seats! We thought we had scored until half way through the show when we realized how boring the show was. Jake and Lincoln complained to me (and I had to agree with them). It was hard to sneak out because we were seated near the front. The Blue Baron represents Moor culture and he gave us a lecture on the contributions the Moors of the Middle Ages made to society--algebra, universal education, universities, fine dining, etc. At one point in the Middle Ages, the Moors ruled Europe! Unfortunately, a lecture on Moor culture cannot compete with plays (farces) based on Shakespeare or fractured fairy tales!

The kids voted for their favorite court: red, green, or blue. I'm not sure they really gave much thought to which court had the finest entertainment, they pretty much picked their favorite color--or in Viva's case voted for the evil court. 

We are looking forward to next's year Three Barons Fair. We will watch new shows, eat corn fritters, throw tomatoes, visit the village, and buy new souvenirs! (Viva's jangly skirt--check out the photos above--was purchased at a previous fair!)

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