Monday, June 05, 2017

Jake and the Spenard Jazz Fest

This spring Jake has had the opportunity to join a fun new jazz group here in town.  It's a small group with great instructors, and he has been really enjoying it!  Their group had the chance to perform with the Spenard Jazz Festival this past weekend, and to do a master class/get some instruction with one of the headliners from the festival this year - Lenny Pickett, a sax player and the director of the Saturday Night Live band.  It was a fun experience/a good one for the "memory book" for Jake.

The performance went great, and he even had the chance to do a couple of solos in it - it's so fun to see how much he is learning and growing with his music!  Bonus?  Not only did he SOUND awesome, he looked super snazzy doing it!

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