Monday, June 19, 2017

Suzuki Institute 2017

This year Bentley, Lincoln, & Evan had the chance to try out a Suzuki Institute.  We use the Suzuki method to study cello, and this is the first year in a while that the Anchorage Suzuki chapter has had enough cello students to bring up a teacher.  We had a short day on Monday and then a "full" day of classes Tuesday - Friday.  I was afraid it was a bit much for the little guys (picture hour long classes where rapt/quiet attention is required!) but at the end of the week they both asked me when they get to go back - so I'll take it they had a great time!

It was fun to be with so many other Suzuki people and feel their passion for the method.  I think we all finished the week excited and with some new tips and tricks to help us in studying music.  :)  Bentley had a mini Super Strings group, a percussion class, and two cello classes.  Lincoln & Evan had two cello classes and a "music for littles" where they explored all types of musical instruments.

At the end of the week they all participated in a concert.  Two concerts, actually!  Grandpa Tim was in town this week so he came to the lunch time one, and Opa/Grandma Julia/Grandma Vicki made it to the evening one!  Matt had to be out of town, so he came and watched classes with me on Thursday.  The good (& bad) part of Suzuki is it is very heavy on parent involvement - so that meant that I was at camp all week too... !

Lots of cellos... !  All checked in for the week:

Individual lesson time - you study with a group of 4, and watch the lessons of the other students.

Cool instruments they got to play - my favorite was the thunder drum!

Ms. Sally was a very interactive teacher.  A clapping game!

The little guys were good troopers about caring those heavy cellos all over the building to help me out - I had their chairs and other gear to carry too!

Bentley signed up for "open mic" concert day on Wednesday to perform a piece.  Although it may look empty (!!!) that's just b/c no one sits on that side.  :)

Patient kiddos!  Very attentive.


A rare shot with Grandpa Tim!

The Super Strings group practicing.  They played Colors of the Wind, Lovers Waltz, and Baila Conmigo.  They did a lovely job!

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