Wednesday, February 15, 2017

All about Evan

Some random thoughts and info about the 4 year old in the house!  Evan LOVES playing games, drawing, reading, etc.  He has a great memory which can make him a bit of a card shark.  He lures you in with the cute little face and then crushes you.  :)  Memory, go fish, checkers, chess, and SET are the current favorites.

Favorite expression is "Here's the deal."  At which point he offers two choices, one of which ends in "... if you do this we will be friends forever," and the other of which ends in "... I won't be your friend anymore."   Frankly, I find him hilarious.

He's a bit troublesome with the veggies.  As in he won't touch them...  Not a problem I've had with any of the other children.  But we'll keep him anyway.  :)

Evan wants to do everything the big kids do but he also (once in a while) wants to play the "little guy" card - it can be hard work keeping up with your older brothers but he keeps at it.

All in all?  Our Evan is very passionate, endearing, sweet, angry when he doesn't get his way, eager to keep up with his siblings, a quick learner, affectionate, and a delight to have in our home!  Lincoln and Evan are best buddies, and while Evan is on vacation this week we miss him tons - he always ends up in my bed and normally greets the day (and me) with a smile and a hug.  I'll be happy when our delightful, happy, passionate, feisty, and sweet little guy gets home.

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