Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Legos in the Shower

If you've ever lived with a Lego collector, you know how disgustingly dusty Legos sets become after sitting on a shelf or Lego table for a year or two or even longer. They do not look attractive. I have found the quickest way to clean them is to give them a shower. A dust cloth just doesn't get into all the corners like a stream of water does. And it's far quicker to shower a larger Lego set than it is to dust it.

I showered all of Jake and Bentley's Lego sets that were sitting out on shelves in their bedroom. Now they can choose a few to take apart to make room for the new sets they got for Christmas!

Lincoln is very excited to have access to so many Lego sets. Usually the boys won't let him play with their sets, but since the sets are on Grandma's bathroom floor, he helped himself to a set or two…without permission from his brothers..who should give him permission. I let him have free access to my Death Star. It, too, got a bath this week and I put back on most of the parts that came off over the past year. Evan has been playing with the Death Star, too, and he's not as careful as Lincoln.

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