Thursday, February 09, 2017


Last night at bedtime Evan was twirling Giraffey around and his front hooves which are sewn together, pulled apart. Evan was upset. He shoved Giraffrey into Kara's hands and demanded that she sew the hooves back together. Then a few minutes later he changed his mind and told his mom to throw Giraffey away. Kara and I look at Evan with amazement and puzzlement and a little bit of horror. What kid throws away his favorite comfort item, even if there are two of them? I took Giraffey and left. 

Lincoln was quite disturbed with Evan's callous disregard for Giraffey. Viva, too, was dismayed. She wanted to know where Giraffey was--we didn't really throw him away, did we? She wanted to fix him. In fact, she fixed him before she went to bed, so this morning Evan was once again dragging around two Giraffeys. (When you're the baby of the family, no one wants you to grow up!)

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