Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dinosaur Memory

If you want to really challenge yourself, try playing Dinosaur Memory. Our set of dinosaur cards has 23 pairs and one T-rex. (No we did not lose the card, the deck came this way.) The first challenge comes in attempting to pronounce the names of the dinosaurs: archaeopteryx, euoplocephalus, compsognathus, and hypsilophodon are just a sampling of their names.

Evan likes to play with the full deck of cards which, quite frankly, is oftentimes beyond our ability. We cannot remember what the first card was by the time we turn over the sixteenth card if we haven't yet had a match. Some games are better than others. Some we get through without any rule breaking or rule changing. Other games, I encouraging peaking, helping each other, allowing two tries for each match. I'm not proud, I just want to get the game finished!

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