Monday, February 13, 2017

Sledding: Cold & Bumpy

I took Bentley, Viva, and Lincoln seldding at our favorite sledding hill last Saturday. It was quite cold out: 4-8 degrees Fahrenheit. There was only one other group of sledders and two snowboarders there with us. The hill was incredibly bumpy. The kids tried out many different runs and they were all filled with moguls. Lincoln and Bentley's favorite run was the worst one. I don't think Viva ever went down that run.

The first time Lincoln went down it Viva was climbing up the hill and saw him coming down. She decided he was going too fast so she jumped on him to stop him. His boot came off. She could not get it back on because the sock was in the book and...this part I don't understand. Why not take the sock out? Maybe she couldn't with her gloves on and she was unwilling to take her gloves off. Instead she put Lincoln on the sled and pulled him up the hill--an arduous task. I met her half way through her journey and took over the job. Meanwhile Lincoln's foot was bare. We got him back in his boot and off he went to do the hill another five or six times. I finally got too cold and took the kids back home. It was fun, but way too cold. BRRR! (While we were sledding Jake and Evan were in Hawaii with Matt--at least 60 degrees warmer.)

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