Monday, February 06, 2017

Death Star: Mixel Invasion

Lincoln had a couple of Lego Mixel characters that he has played with on with the Death Star over the past year, but then one day he spied Opa's bin of Mixels high on a closet shelf. He asked Opa if he could play with them. There were 25+ Mixels in the bin. Looking at Opa's Mixels reminded Lincoln that his dad had given him and his siblings quite a few Mixels. Where were they?! He asked his mom to help him search the overloaded Lego table in the their family room. They found a couple more Mixels, but not the big collection. So Lincoln asked for my help and I went down the hall to Lego Hell. It was not a pretty sight. I shuffled through the piled up Lego structures and--Eureka!--I located a gallon size Ziploc of Mixels. The Mixels are now being put to good use by Lincoln and Evan--much better than being stuck in a plastic bag!

half of the Mixels (Opa's are in another bin)

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