Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bed Time!

We've had a nice stretch of time here with Matt not traveling much, and he's taken advantage of that to work on a bedtime routine with Evan and Lincoln.

Daddy and Evan are long time bed buddies. Evan is still our good little sleeper and is always nice about heading to bed after some rocking and story time.  Lincoln?  Mostly due to me he's not very good about bed time.  Stays up too late, sleeps in my bed, and then thrashes around wakefully and gets up early when I do.  Not a great combination of factors for a two year old despite the fact he's an awfully cute cuddle bug.

So we decided it's time he head to bed with Evan.  That poor little guy shouldn't have to be lonely in his room, right?!  We appealed to Lincoln's kind hearted sensibilities and it's working pretty well.  He tells me "baby not lonely anymore!".  Lincoln and Evan read stories together with Daddy, then watch some Piano Guys on you tube, get their backs rubbed, and head to bed.  All before 10 pm.  Total craziness!

Even crazier?  Our 18 month old is finally sleeping through most nights without getting up at 11... or 3... or 5.  For months he's been rather attached to extra Daddy time, but for the past couple weeks he's been a blissful dozer.  Love it!  

We'll see how well this routine carries on with Daddy's travel plans of the next few weeks.  I suspect it might be rough on Mommy who's not as dedicated to elaborate routines... wish me luck.  :)

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