Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Party at Aunt Karla's!

My sister Karla invited the older three children to spend a couple of days at her home. Karla's spouse and son were going out of town so she needed some entertainment. The children and I had stayed there a couple of years ago when we went out to the state fair and they have wanted to go back since that time. Although Wasilla is less than hour's drive from Anchorage, everyone's busy lifestyles makes it hard to coordinate a visit, but finally it happened!

Karla picked them up late Thursday afternoon and returned them Saturday early afternoon (in time for weapon's class at karate). It was harder than it should have been to pull the event off. Viva had to skip a dance class which is very much frowned on since it's only a month until the big show. Jake came down with croup Wednesday night and Kara had to take him to the doctor's for some medication. We could have kept him home, but he would have so irate that we would have all had to spend the weekend in hiding--maybe the rest of the month. This trip was a big deal for the kidlets!

They reported back to us that they had a great time. They got to explore Karla's house (Viva loves exploring new places), they visited a really nice playground, they played games, they watched "Night at the Museum 2" which they had never seen, and they didn't have to do any schoolwork! Aunt Karla reports that she had a good time, too, so maybe they will be invited back.

What did Lincoln and Evan do without their older siblings? Lincoln did comment on their absence, but he had a great time playing with Evan.

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