Wednesday, April 30, 2014

He Is SOOOOO Cute!

Evan is at a super cute stage. I found in my photo folder that one third of the photos were of him and another third of him with Lincoln. I have to try to take more of the older children, but between schoolwork, karate, and gymnastics, they just aren't available to photograph. (Sure, I take the occasional photo of them doing schoolwork--and I will be posting some of the those soon--but they aren't the most exciting photos.)

And now here's EVAN:

He loves books! 

He loves Linclon's BuckleyBoo BuckleyDog.
Lincoln never spent more than five minutes (total) with this toy, but Evan thinks it's great!
He has great-grandma unbuckle them and then he buckles them back up.

He stole great-grandma's iPhone (yet again) and then ran over to the blue chair and happily punched buttons until great-grandma recalled that he had it and then he lost it.

He is very good at somersaults. 
I saw more than one four year old at the cheer competition who didn't have his skills.

His ukulele skills aren't as impressive. 
He is more interested in getting the ukulele out of its case than he is in playing.
Isn't his new sleeper super cute? He wouldn't pose for me in it.

He and Lincoln both like to play Let's Go Fishin'.
(I think it's a super lame game, but I'm not a toddler!)

Here he is strapped into his high chair. 
We like it when he's in his high chair. 
We know he's not getting into trouble.
But he can still make a BIG mess.
Eighteen month olds are a lot of work.
It's a good thing they are sooooo cute!

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