Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kara's Birthday

Kara is officially another year older. I think she'd agree with me that it feels like three years since her last birthday. It's been a busy year. 

I looked to the children for some help with this post. I asked them to tell me about their mom:

B: Mommy helps with schoolwork.
    Mommy signs us up for karate and fun stuff.
    She makes us the type of birthday cake we like on our birthdays.

V: She bakes yummy stuff.
    She drives us to our activities.
    She lets us do almost whatever we want. (Really?)

J: She makes sure I got a baby brother named Evan.
    She is the best mom in the world.
    She lets us go on vacations even when we are supposed to be doing school, plus she doesn't send us to school.

We had cake and ice cream in the afternoon and then pizza in the evening followed by a kid movie. This is why she is such a good mommy--she puts the children first even on her birthday!

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