Thursday, April 10, 2014

Everyday Life

Bentley missed a cub meeting where they earned a belt loop playing marbles, so we pulled out our marbles and helped him earn the loop. Great-grandma told the children that when she was little she wore a hole through her fingernail playing marbles!

Every Sunday Viva grabs the comics. 
She sometimes reads the comics in the daily paper, but not every day.

Opa purchased a small Lego set for Lincoln to build a train.
This set built one of three different train cars, so then Opa bought two more of the same set so Lincoln could build the full train to play with. Although we have hundreds of thousands of Legos we do not have the right ones to build three small train cars. (No joke!)

Lincoln and Evan have daily Duplos time when Jake watches them.
Since Duplos are now on the main floor, all the chidren have been building with them.

These cheap dollar bin ball poppers are a BIG hit with Lincoln and Evan.

Jake is taking up Viva's odd reading posture.

I can't say for sure, but I think Viva made this structure.
Lincoln and she both like the pegs a lot and Jake plays with them a little.
Evan mostly tosses them around.

We have been using the master tub a little more often recently.
All the children enjoy splashing around in the water.

Jake gets angry once or twice (or more) a day.
Viva not as often, but she glares at us at least daily, too.
Is it a six year old thing?

Cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, cars…...

Evan playing on great-grandma's exercise machine.
He is quite the little monkey.

This photo does not do justice to our princess.

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