Monday, April 28, 2014

Ukulele Night

Recently Bentley tried his hand at improvisation. He rewrote a section of song that he didn't like. We encourage such innovation--of course!--but then Bentley told Opa he wanted to take his variation to ukulele night and have the group play the song his way. At first Opa tried to talk him out of that idea, but Bentley held firm, so Opa had to give in and support our budding musician. Opa was concerned that a lot of the group members might know the song as it was originally written and therefore they would have a hard time playing it differently (the ukulele group are mostly amateur musicians). Turns out that the song was not that familiar to the group, so they were fine with playing it a new way!

Last Friday Matt and Kara took Evan and Lincoln to hear their brothers and opa at ukulele night. Lincoln joined the players and played a little bit! The ukulele group was very welcoming to its newest member.

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