Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Cat

Rameses is a very good cat. He puts up with a lot from Evan and before Evan there was Lincoln. I'm not sure how long we have had the cat--three years? Four years? Shall we say three and half years? In any case the twins were at least two when we got the cat, so they were nicer to him than Lincoln and Evan as babies have been.

Sometimes the cat hides out in the mudroom. He sleeps there on his scratching post even though I put a nice cat bed in the mudroom for him. He's never been much into cat beds. The door to the mudroom is kept closed so that Evan cannot gain access to the garage. The mudroom is a nice place to hide out because his food is in there and cats love to snack all day rather eat large meals. 

Our house is large enough for him to find a hundred good hiding spots. Sometimes Rameses invades the larger bedroom closets. He sleeps on Mark's clothes piles or under Matt's hanging clothes. He definitely prefers the men's half of the closets. Why is that?

Rameses does not always hide out. Sometimes he insists on being in the middle of the action. He sits on the back of the couch in the main family room and naps with one eye open. Being in the main family room leaves him available for all of us to pet, hug, and poke. He knows this so he much want our attention!

Another favorite hang out is the library. Most mornings Kara works with one or two of the older children in the library on English topics: grammar, handwriting, spelling, rhetoric. Rameses will compete with her for a nice spot on the recliner. In the afternoons great-grandma hangs out in the library exercising or using her computer. Rameses really likes hanging out with her because the library is a No Evan Zone.

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