Monday, August 17, 2015

More Rock Hunting at Pt. Woronzof

We have had a fantastic summer, but it's been hard to squeeze in rock hunting! After our initial visit to Pt. Woronzof we went back on the Fourth of July and again on the twenty-fourth of July. Mark took photos on the Fourth and because I complained that he had no photos of Bentley rock hunting on our first Pt. Woronzof visit, he took lots and lots of photos of Bentley looking for rocks. I am not posting all the photos. Evan loves going to Pt. Woronzof to see the planes. Viva loves the water.

Jake did not come with us on the Fourth, but he did on the twenty-fourth. On the second trip, it was just the older three and me. I picked them up after evening karate class so we didn't hit the beach until after 9PM. Fortunately we live in the land of the midnight sun, so we still had an hour and a half before the sun set.

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