Wednesday, August 05, 2015


My friends were out of town this week and they said we could pick their raspberry bushes! They have a nice patch and it produces quite a few juicy raspberries. On Saturday I took V and E over in the early afternoon and we picked in the hot sun. Then I took J, V, and L back in the early evening to finish picking. Kara joined us, too. Evan was an amazing picker. I kept telling him they have to be red, red, red and he was good about only picking the really red ones. (Check out how full his bowl is in the photo below!) Jake, Viva, and Lincoln were good pickers too.

We picked over two gallons which is a goodly amount of raspberries. Most of them went in the freezer to make into jam later this year, but we kept a quart out to eat fresh. Kara and Matt tried to start a raspberry patch in our yard when we first moved in, but they weren't very successful. The moose ate the bushes in the winter. We will have to plant new bushes and fence them off from the moose...we'll add it to the long list of projects we'd do if we had more time and energy!

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