Sunday, August 02, 2015

Stories from Viva

I resisted the urge to correct and edit, as they are her original typed up stories.  :)  Love her creativity!

Her first typed story:
Once upon a time superman was flying over the city and he heard screams!  He looked down and he couldn’t believe his eyes! The mountain they had always thought to be vine mountain was alive. Superman guessed that that mountain was actually a giant! Superman swooped down and laser eyed the giant ,the giant howled in pain and superman took that excuse to freeze the giants feet to the ground and his arms to his side. 

The giant was trapped so superman made a deal with the giant that if the giant would leave them alone he would free the giant, the giant said yes.  So superman freed the giant and the giant walked of over the hills and superman never saw him again.
Lincoln was duly impressed, so she wrote him one of his own:

Once upon a time there was a King, Queen and a Prince. They lived together happily in Castle Genevieve.  But then they where attacked by army Cazldar.  Then they had to run for their life, they ran to village Bentley only to find out it was under a attack too!  So they kept running until they got to village Jackson.  They were safe their but not for long they know, so they trained the villagers to fight, so when army Cazldar came a long they were ready.

King Lincon led their army out to meet them! And the battle began! The villagers slowly pushed the army of Cazldar back to where they came from.  The villagers where so tired they just went home and went to bed but in the morning they had a party. But their battles weren’t over yet for they still  had to reconquer village Bentley.  That battle was pretty easy compared to their other one and then they reconquered their castle!  And they lived happily ever after.

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