Saturday, August 22, 2015

Everyday Life: More July

Viva's flowers continue to grow and grow and bloom!

Lincoln loves to bike…and smile. He's a happy guy.

This is Evan not napping, but he sure is cute. 
Notice he has his blankie and his TWO giraffies.

These are Bentley's weapons set out next to the karate mat ready for weapons class. The long stick in back is called a bo. The pair of three pronged metal forks are sais. The pairs of wood sticks between the sais are nunchucks. The two wooden tools facing each other are tonfas.

The children like to dabble in color theory while taking baths. 
(They start with red, blue, and yellow colored water and go from there.)

Big Bro and Little Bros doing puzzles.

Jake built this fort.

Group Photo: Take 1

Group Photo: Take 2

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