Saturday, August 01, 2015

Crazy Day

Not every day at our house is crazy, but once a week or so we go into hyper mode. Today was such a day. Craziville started around noon. Jake and Bentley were at karate class getting ready for the demo later in the day. Kara had completed work on Bentley's outfit for the demo and headed over to the dojo to help out with any last minute problems. Mark was mowing the lawn and then he had to get great-grandma to the demo. Matt took Lincoln out for a bike ride. Evan said he was too tired to go biking so he joined Viva and me. We went over to pick raspberries at a friend's home. (They are out of town and we get to pick their raspberry patch this week!)

Our household of ten showed up for the demo in four different vehicles. We watched the demo which was awesome. Then Mark took great-grandma home. Matt took the children home. Kara and I headed to Lowe's and Home Depot to look at dishwashers. (Ours died on Thursday night.) We left one vehicle in a parking lot and later back tracked to pick it up. Opa, Matt, and the five children headed off to Opa's company picnic. Kara and I went to Best Buy to check out their dishwashers and then we stopped at Sam's Club to pick up supplies. We picked up Papa Murphy's pizzas and met the guys and kids back at home in time to greet the missionaries who we'd agreed to have for dinner. (This was before we knew about the company picnic.)

We fed the missionaries. Then Matt and Bentley headed off to nine holes of golf. (Bentley was promised a golf game after giving one up earlier this week. Matt who came home on Thursday is off again tomorrow.) Kara, Viva, Jake, Lincoln, and I went back to my friend's home to finish picking raspberries. (When they are ripe you need to pick them!) Evan stayed home with opa. We came home and finished cleaning up from dinner. (We had used paper plates and cups!) Some of the kids took a shower.

Finally I have free time! It's 9PM at night.

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