Friday, August 07, 2015

Water Fight!

The children had a big water fight Monday afternoon. Viva started it and everyone joined in (more or less). They all armed themselves with water guns and umbrellas. 

From what I overheard there were a few rules:

1. Do not get Evan wet. (He sat on the steps and watched once the action really got rolling.)

2. You can only shoot someone with an umbrella.

3. If someone has two water guns, they are free game--with or without an umbrella.

4. If someone uses the water hose as a water cannon, they are free game. (Can a water gun or a water hose shoot farther? I don't think the children know how to use your thumb on the hose end to create a water jet.)

It was a wet and wild time. Viva was soaking wet at the end of the fight; Lincoln was somewhat soaked. Jake and Bentley were more dry than wet. Evan was dry.

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