Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Evan the Collector

Evan is a collector. He becomes quite attached to his collections and often carries them around. Usually he collects smaller items that he can stuff in his pockets, but on this particular day (six weeks ago!) he had many larger items and he kept dropping them. As he came through the kitchen I snapped a few quick photos.

He was carting around his blankie, two giraffies, a book, a pirate knife, and two "phones". (Neither of his "phones" were phones. The purple one was a duct tape covered box with a finger light in it that Viva made him. The other "phone" looked like a McDonald's prize. I think it was another flashlight, but he didn't call them flashlights. They were phones!)

This past Monday I took a quick photo of what was in Evan's pocket at the start of the day. It was a relatively small collection consisting of an Allen wrench (used to build his new toddler bed--now used as a gun), a set of Alaska Airlines wings (from his trip to Idaho), a tube of Chapstick (purchased for him last month), and a finger light (he was given 80 last Christmas). He didn't have his Chima keychain which is a pocket favorite. Last month for a while he was carrying around a couple of small Magformer triangles and a pair of Zoobs (a construction toy). None of his older brothers used their pockets to store stuff.

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