Sunday, September 13, 2015

Too Good to Toss

I have already posted two or even three times on rock hunting at Pt. Woronzof. We don't need another post on this topic, but quite frankly I'm kind of proud of the photos I took there, so I'm showing them off now.

Viva wading in the inlet. 
It's not very warm and the water is always murky. I'm not sure what the attraction is!
(My photo would be greatly enhanced by crystal clear aquamarine water!)

Lincoln on a Rock in Murky Water
Evan throwing a big rock--as is his ritual at Pt. Woronzof.

Lincoln and Evan sorting rocks--they found the perfect spot to do so.

Bentley collecting rocks.

Jake is missing from the photos because he stayed home to spend some one on one time with his dad.

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