Thursday, September 17, 2015

Everyday Life: August

Opa's employer held a company picnic with a luau theme. 

At the picnic the older four children really enjoyed this contraption!

Jake showing off the new set of Magformers I purchased. 
Magformers keeps making new shapes, so I keep buying.

Bentley trying out cellos at the music store. 
(Kara will post more on this soon, I hope!)

Jake tried out a number of different instruments.

Lincoln admiring his rock collection.

Can  you see the rainbow between L and E?

Lincoln playing with clay. 
(I think it's Crayola Air-Dry Clay which is good stuff when it's fresh.)

Evan (can you tell?) playing with the Micro Chargers.

Viva and Evan making cookies. 

Jake with his Lego airplane.

Great-grandma modeling Kara's new sunglasses.
I think she looks good.

End of summer photo of Viva's flowers! 
The cosmos was nearly as tall as Viva, but it never set any buds!

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