Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My Little Maker

Genevieve and Lincoln are great buddies.  One of the benefits of our slower schedule this summer (aka one without 12 hours a week of gymnastics!) has been the extra time she's had to play with her little brother.  She loves to make things for Lincoln and Evan, and is always thinking of ways to make them happy.  They're lucky to have her!

A few days ago Lincoln was a bit upset that Jake and Bentley's game didn't involve him.  Viva ran inside and came back out with this treasure which she threw together:

I love it!  A home made traffic signal.  And it looked pretty good too.  :)  There was, of course, a game to go with it.  Their imaginative play and the complex rules of their games are fun to listen in on.  When they aren't busy driving me crazy, that is... !

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