Monday, September 07, 2015

Fun in the Sun

Grandma Karen sent this photo to Kara who sent it on to me. Unfortunately now that Kara is on a cruise boat there will be no more photos until she returns at the end of the week. Even without daily photo proof, I know that the grandkids are having a fantastic time in CA with Grandma Karen. 

I think they are at a miniature golf course. The boys took their golf clubs with them because the group has plans to do a lot of golfing. Viva has not done much golfing before this, so it's a great chance for her to learn how to golf.  Kara has the funniest photos sent the other day by Karen when the kids were at a putting range. Jake had a typical golfer's stance--he looked like a pro when he was hitting the ball. Viva, on the hand, looked like dancer with one foot off the ground and her toe pointed! I will have to add those photos when Kara gets home and I can access them.

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