Friday, September 18, 2015

Everyday Life: More August

Legos, Legos, and more Legos...

Viva made this without a pattern. I'm impressed!

This thing is in the upstairs hallway across from L & E's doorway. 
Lincoln told me he climbs it every morning.

I'm not sure what V is doing, but L & E are intrigued.

L & E are great buddies!

The children made painted sun catchers. 
It was hard work because most of the paint was dried out.

I matched the pancakes to the Fiestaware! I think Jake appreciated my efforts. 
(Of course, his was the only plate that matched the pancakes.)

I had a fantastic crop of sweet peas this year. Viva liked to help arrange them.

Usually Lincoln builds roads on the floor with the Magformers, but this day he was into tower building. He was quite good at it!

Evan stashing two triangle Magformers in his pocket.

Bentley mastering the whirligig toy. 
(I did not make that name up--it's from Colonial times!)

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