Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Traditions

I may have been behind on blog posts (I am back dating posts!), but I am ahead on working through our list of Christmas traditions. It's only the 13th of the month and we have celebrated the season in many fine ways:

This is the first year we have done this activity, but I hope to turn it into a tradition. The older children helped me put together some Operation Christmas Child boxes. OCC is an international relief project so the boxes are dropped off the week before Thanksgiving.

Christmas Foam Art
Not my favorite art medium, but L&E love it and BJ&V were good sports and did it with them. The top two photos are of cards BJ&V made (in that order: B, J, V). The bottom photo is of L&E's work (cards: L, E; trees: V, E, L).

Seek and Find Book
We've had this book since Bentley was little and we do a few pages from it every year. The older kids groan when I bring it out, but then they come over and join the activity.

Christmas Puzzle
This was not a stellar year. We time how long it takes us to do it and we didn't beat last year's record. 

Christmas Lights
We string Christmas lights around the older children's beds. BJ&V put the lights up themselves. For the first time I put a small Christmas tree in the younger children's bedroom. My bedroom has both a tree and lights!

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