Thursday, December 10, 2015

Game Boys

Some weeks we play a lot of games in our home, other weeks not so many. The past two weeks I have played a lot of games of memory with Lincoln and Evan. They are both pretty good at it. We have four different memory tile games, more than that if you count the dinosaur card deck. (I have not brought those out. That set is hard!) L&E's favorite set is the wooden vehicle tiles. 

Other games we've played are Blink, Trouble, SET Junior, and Flippity Find. Sometimes I convince the older boys to play games with their younger brothers and they usually do a great job. Occasionally I have to remind the older boys that they need to be patient when playing with their younger brothers and they should not play to win every game. One day Jake played Cars Monopoly with Evan and the next day all four brothers played it together. (Score for me! I loathe Cars Monopoly.)

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