Monday, December 14, 2015

Grandma Julia's Monday

The holiday season is a busy time of year. It isn't easy to find time with the children to make ornaments and do other activities. To make sure I have some quality time with them, I have Kara put me on the calendar. Monday was the first of my two scheduled days.

What did I do with my time? While the older kids did a little bit of schoolwork, I made ornaments with Lincoln and Evan. We made two different ornaments that the older kids had made five years ago. Now when we put the ornaments on the tree, I won't hear "Where's mine?" from the younger two.

Evan, Lincoln 

Evan, Lincoln

Then I took Viva, Jake, and Bentley skating at the Dimond Center. We hadn't been there for months and the children had been asking to go. We spent two hours skating. They did a great job even though it had been a long time without practice. (Jake fell quite a few times, but he didn't hurt himself.) On our way out of the mall we stopped at the Hallmark store and we took photos with the Tudor King (a very odd ad board for Tudor Bingo).

When we got back home our friend Marjory came over and made ornaments with us. We tried out a new craft, a Martha Stewart glitter card kit. I thought that Viva would love it, but she wasn't that enthused about it…until later!? (Kara loved the glitter mess we made--I am serious! She liked how the fine glitter was spread everywhere making our living area sparkle. Bentley demanded a shower when we finished, but his mom told him to live with it. A little glitter never hurt anyone.)

Finally we made a repeat, traditional ornament. We made beaded candy canes and snowflakes. This is the first year that Evan and Lincoln have made them. 

Bentley, Jake, Viva
(This was a glitter-by-number kit.)

By the time we finished the beaded ornaments, it was dinner time. We had a good time together, but I did not get very many items on my Holiday Fun List checked off. Skating took up a good portion of our time together. On my next scheduled day, we will have to cram in a lot more fun.

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