Friday, December 18, 2015

Ward Christmas Party

Every year we attend the ward Christmas party. Some years the event is better planned than other years. This year was remarkable for its decorations. Last month Mark was asked to help build a manager which when he asked for more details, it was a entire stable they wanted. Fortunately for Mark, someone discovered a family who has a stable setup of their own that they lend out, so he was off the hook. Another brother in the ward drew some very nice backdrops that others helped to paint. There was even a well to get water out of! The decorations were the best I've even seen at a ward event.

The program was pretty good, too. It was a little long for young children, but they could run around some, so they enjoyed it. The primary choir was much, much better than the young men and women choir--but the primary also had better songs to sing. (Bentley, Jake, Viva, and Lincoln were not in the program because they did not make the required practice.) It was a very nice family Christmas event.

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