Monday, December 28, 2015

Stained Glass Ornaments

Every Christmas season we make faux stained glass ornaments. Lincoln and Evan made their first ones this year.

These are not the easiest ornaments to make. Viva was jostled by a younger brother when she was placing crystals in the form and her ornament was ruined--that's why she looks angry. (She invited her younger brother to help her which wasn't the best idea.)

I didn't snap a photo while Lincoln was creating his ornament, so here is a photo of him cleaning up.

I mixed different colors together for Evan (and Lincoln) and they happily placed the crystals in the form. I and Evan together created his candy cane ornament.

penguin (L), angel & ornament (B), gift (J)

candy cane & larger ornament (E), HoHoHo & smaller ornament (J),
 gift and reindeer (V), snowflake (B)

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