Sunday, February 22, 2015

Flu Report

Our household has been plagued the past few weeks with a seasonal flu. It started with Bentley just before and on his birthday. Evan and Lincoln had runny noses for a while. I remember that, but I also remember that Lincoln at some point in the past few weeks went to the doctor because of croup and he got a prescription to help him. It did the job. 

Jake was sick, too. He got to sleep in his mom's bed two nights in a row (Matt was gone on a business trip) and that made Bentley mad (Bentley's turn was co-opted by Jake), so I let Bentley (and Viva) slumber party in our room.

Two weeks ago Evan was running a fever on and off for days. He was super ornery (more on that in another post). Kara took him to the doctor after a week, but they said he didn't have anything they could treat him for: Being super ornery is just how some two years are.

Jake started getting sick (again!?) this past week. He broke down at karate. Kara didn't realize he was sick yet or she wouldn't have taken him. Yesterday Kara refused to let him go to karate and to spend the afternoon at Grandma Karen's. He was running a fever and he gets on a plane tonight to go to Hawaii with his dad. He needs to get better quickly

Kara had the flu (chills, fever, headache) for a few days. Mark and I had mild cases compared to the rest of the household. I think Matt missed out, maybe because he has been on five (six?) business trips since the start of the year and was thus able to avoid the germs in our home. Great-grandma seldom gets sick. I am not sure what her secret is. (If you move only a little do you breathe in less infected air?!)

Kara is paranoid that Viva is getting sick. Viva has a gymnastics meet this coming weekend. Kara is also watching Bentley closely, but isn't he the one who started this latest round of the flu? Do we have enough people in our household to morph the flu into another strain of it?

I feel like someone in the house has been sick all winter, but when I look back at past blog posts I see that it was early November that we last struggled with a household flu epidemic. We had a couple of good months before we again succumbed!

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