Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Viva's Valentines

In the past we've done a Valentine's Day craft or two with the children. Needless to say such crafts involve hearts. The children have made hearts from beads and pipe cleaners or clay. We hang the heart decorations on a pink tree. Kara has made a couple of heart chains (one from fabric and one from pipe cleaners) to decorate the staircase or hanging lights. I think we have a paper chain, too.

The past two years Viva has asked to make valentines on her own. Weeks before February 14th she asks me to get out the lace and other decorations and she starts working in her private work space (the mudroom) creating valentines for family members (see first photo below). This year she helped Evan make a valentine (second photo).

I am very thankful for Viva's enthusiasm and that she did a craft with Evan. It is fun to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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