Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lincoln's Drawings

Lincoln's drawings for the past few months have mostly been swirls with a few circles:

But the past week or two he is getting into a different style of drawing, and he always has very specific stories to go with his pictures!  He brought me this one yesterday and told me it is "Mommy, as a squid, with hair and arms added!":

I'm not sure how I feel about being a squid, but I was nonetheless impressed with the drawing.  I didn't know he knew what a squid looked like... !

He also brought me this one, and told me it is a squirrel:

Not bad, I say!  I wonder if the squirrel has arms or if he was drawing a horizon line like his older siblings have been working on?!  :)

Last, but not last, a portrait of Lincoln and I together.  I'm glad I'm not always a squid in his mind's eye! (Although I'm curious why he is portrayed as a fuzz ball... or is it a porcupine?  Hmm.....)

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