Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lego Lincoln

Lincoln continues to be fascinated with Legos. He builds some of his own creations, but he also really likes building with his father, his brothers, or his opa. He still has a hard time putting the smaller pieces together and/or pressing the bricks tightly enough together so when he has a kit with smaller parts that he wants to build he recruits help. He is working on multiple sets. He has a monkey set he's doing with his father, there is another set he's building with his opa, and recently he had Jake build his dump truck for him. Jake isn't always patient enough to build with Lincoln. He usually ends up just building the set himself while Lincoln sits next to him.

Lincoln has been spending a lot of time playing with my minifigures. He particularly likes my set of 25 Star Wars figures that came with the Death Star. On Monday when he was playing with them I took the Death Star down from a high closet shelf and put it where he could play with it. He spent hours in the bathroom playing with the minifigures on the Death Star. He invited Bentley to come and play.

The following day he decided to put the Star Wars figures away and give Batman and Superman a chance to explore the Death Star. He even had Harry Potter check it out. (How do you think Harry's wand would fare against a lightsaber?)

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