Friday, July 31, 2015

30 Minute Snapshot

Here is a quick snapshot of what was happening at our home this afternoon around one p.m. Bentley requested my help to crack open a golf ball sized rock. He'd hammered away at it for fifteen minutes and had gotten nowhere. After 20 attempts I finally chipped a small slice off one end. We almost lost the rock at one point when a hard whack caused it to rebound into a fireweed patch!

When I first went out Jake was jumping on B's pogo stick. His streak was 16 jumps when he crashed onto the driveway pavement and had to go in and get some first aid. He stayed inside after that. He crawled into the kids' latest fort for some downtime before coming out and working on a project that involved a glue stick. That's all I know.

Lincoln was biking and Evan was running around when Viva decided to pull out the squirt guns. The younger two boys joined her. After a while she asked to have the sprinkler on and then she wanted the umbrellas and later it was towels. (It progressed rather like in the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.") Only Viva and Lincoln got wet. Evan is not a fan of sprinkler fun. He used his umbrella but also stayed far away from any possible sprinkles! 

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