Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cello Envy

Continuing on with the musical theme currently running on the blog, I bring to you Evan and the mini cello:

One of the benefits (and curses?) of having older brothers is that you want to do everything they do.  Sooner.  Evan is convinced he needs a mini cello (and a mini bow too, he tells me) - because he's so cute, when he asks, I have been toying with the idea.  Bentley's cello teacher has been looking around to see what's available in small sizes.  Unfortunately the 1/8 size cello is still too big - if we can find a 1/10 it might be just right.

Will I pursue it?  I just might... he is awfully cute.  :)  Stay tuned!

Of course, he is also awfully cute with his toy guitar.  He strums it with some real attitude.

So cute, in fact, that Opa and I have been researching mini electric bases.  I think we're obsessed with musical instruments in our home.  There could be worse things though!

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