Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Kitchen Helper

This past weekend we had a (belated) rouladen, dumplings, and red cabbage birthday celebration dinner for Opa.  I decided a couple of years ago that the stress of fancy dinners AND cakes AND presents all in one day made birthday days a little crazy.  So policy around here is to have a birthday dinner of choice sometime in the week or so near the birthday, and zero prep pizza (aka Papa Murphy's!) on the birthday day.  Works for me.

Anyway - we had trouble tracking down the dumplings and red cabbage this year locally so I ended up buying it online.  When it showed up we purchased the meat and got busy.  For rouladen you have to tenderize the meat, and Jake was a great helper.  He had a lot of extra aggression to take out on the meat.  I daresay it was probably as tender as it has ever been!  The cutting board?  It looks a bit the worse for wear.  :)

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