Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weather Blues

The weather continues to disappoint. It has been so lousy that yesterday we tied the 58 year old record for consecutive days without significant snowfall (at least .1 inch). The record was 36 days. This is our second super lousy winter in a row. However, a UAF climatologist assures us this not because of El Nino or global warming. It's just the weather being fickle. (Anchorage's official weather records only date back to 1952. The winter before that unofficially reported 78 days with snow. In the 1930s there were four years with long periods without snow.)

The kids do what they can to entertain themselves outdoors. This week they worked hard to remove ice from the driveway. The fact that the driveway is in the shade for most of the day keeps the ice from melting. It was hard work. Evan went out for maybe ten minutes, but Lincoln was out there until his mom pulled him inside over his protests. As Kara posted about earlier this week, the two little ones were sick for weeks. They aren't back up to full health, but they are much, much better than last week and the week before that and the week before that...

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