Sunday, February 07, 2016

Winter Flu

The house has once again been invaded by the winter flu. It is a bronchial flu that leaves the victim with a horrible cough. Oddly enough it skipped over Jake and attacked Bentley! (It's usually the other way around.) Kara made Bentley stay home from karate one evening. He wasn't happy about her decision, but he didn't fight it too strongly either. He got better quickly. Then Evan and Lincoln came down with it. They have had it for most of the past week. They cough. They run fevers. They are lethargic. Kara took them to the doctor's today and was told they are doing a good job fighting it off--no ear infection or bronchitis. (Lincoln, of course, needs a steroid because his cough is croupy.)

Here Lincoln and Evan are staring glassy-eyed at the TV monitor. 
Jake is taking advantage of the extra screen time that the sick little kids get.

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