Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The 10 Year Old!

Random notes about my awesome ten year old (who I can't believe is already into his double digits... !)

Bentley has:

1. An amazing memory.  Way better than mine! 
2.  A good sense of humor. 
3.  A great work ethic.
4.  A very analytical mind.
5.  A bit of a bossy streak.  But that's okay, so do I.  We're both oldest children.  :)

Bentley loves:

Making breadsticks and cookies.
Eating steak and peppers.
Playing table tennis, air hockey, and golf.
Karate, karate, and more karate.
To spend a day reading.
Rocks - collecting and reading about them.
Board games and card games of all sorts.

Bentley is:

Patient and kind to his little brothers.  He humors them, helps them, and plays with them.  They're lucky to have him!
Very determined and committed to whatever he decides to do it, be it piano, karate, cello....
 A great reading buddy.  He often asks me if I want to read with him, or if I sit down with a book he shows up and joins me.  I love it.
A morning bird.  He's like his father in that respect!
One of my favorite people.

Getting so old.... !  But he's still my baby.  :)

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