Friday, March 18, 2016

Drone Mania

For Christmas Opa & the kids received a drone from Uncle Glen & Aunt Terri and drone mania has since consumed the household!  Last summer Jake received a remote control helicopter for his birthday but we tried it once or twice/didn't have much luck and wrote it off as a lost cause.  Once drone mania hit the helicopter came back out, and it turns out it's actually a good copter if you have some flying skills!

I've been waiting to write a post about the drones until I had some good pictures, but pictures of people standing on the driveway with a speck up above them in the sky really aren't all that exciting.  We do have some lovely arial footage of our roof from the drone cameras, but I try not to post pictures of the house on the blog!

All of the kids have been enjoying this new activity and they are getting to be pretty good flyers.  I'm pretty sure that Lincoln & Evan receive a *little* (a lot?) of help from Opa with flying... but it's all good.

As for how I know mania has set in?  I'm not sure how many drones there are, but I can say that a new shelf is being built in the garage to house them all!

Grandma Julia:

I have a collection of drone photos! I think they are pretty good, but I am missing ones with Bentley flying the drone and Viva and the drone. Viva took a little longer than her brothers to be infected with drone mania, but in time she did succumb. I think warmer weather will make it a lot more fun!

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