Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pinewood Derby Fun

The Boy Scout Pinewood Derby overlapped with the karate tournament in Vegas.  I was thinking that meant we were going to take a pass this year like we did last year, but then the Activity Day Girls decided to do their own pinewood derby and Viva wasn't going to Vegas, so we were back in. 

Even though Jake couldn't be there to compete he wanted to make a car with Viva and Opa. (Lincoln took Jake's car to the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and raced it for him.) 

There are many steps to making a pinewood derby car. Some the children can do, but many of the steps are not kid friendly--using power tools or melting lead over a hot flame. Opa worked with Jake and Viva on Saturday, fitting in time with them between the Easter egg hunt and Easter egg dying.

Opa's cars from his youth!

Viva & Jake's cars!

At Viva's pinewood derby, the track wasn't working quite right and there were inconsistent race results in repeated heats. This is annoying for any family who takes the derby seriously (we take it half seriously), but the kids don't care, if you don't care. Our trio didn't care.

The races went a little better at the Cub Scout pinewood derby. Neither Viva or Jake placed high in their derbies. This surprised me because Bentley had the same design and his car was fastest in his derbies, but he also had a weird quirk with his wheels that was a big plus. One of them didn't touch the track.

PS Kara started this post (the first sentence and one half) and I (Grandma Julia) finished it.

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