Monday, March 28, 2016

Fun at Home

When Bentley and Jake were in Vegas with their dad for six days, their mom joined them four days. While she was gone, I was in charge of Viva, Lincoln, and Evan. We kept busy and had a good time together.

L&E snuck into B&J's bedroom and played foosball.

Lincoln kept Viva busy building Legos for him.

Viva also built Lincoln and Evan forts (see scarves draped over the back of the couch).

I did not let them have unlimited iPad time, but they did get a little.

Lincoln and Evan like to get up early. Viva does not.

We took a trip to the Dimond Mall.

Great-grandma played games with the boys. 
Viva played games with the boys.
I played games with the boys.
Evan really, really likes to play games.

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